Creating Opportunities through
Affordable Housing and Education

 Nearly 20% of the global population live with inadequate housing.
One third of the world never graduates high school. ALF is committed
to changing this, starting in Roatán, Honduras.  

Our Commitment to Honduras

Since 2007, the Abundant Life Foundation has served the Bay Islands of Honduras with unwavering commitment. We’re on a mission to create opportunities in Honduras through long-term community development and education initiatives.

The UN predicts that by 2025,
1.6 billion people will be living without safe housing.

ALF is committed to being a part of the solution. Partnered with educational opportunities, affordable housing can provide the means to earn a living wage, and a safe and secure home in which to raise a family. Global housing insecurity can be reduced if we work together to create ingenuitive and affordable solutions.


Homes Built


Annual Library Visitors


Kids Receiving Literacy Training Annually

ALF works side-by-side with communities and local teachers to develop high-impact educational programs
and dignified affordable housing options for deserving families.

Los Sueños: The Dreams Affordable Housing Community

ALF uses innovative construction techniques and materials, unique financial partnerships, and a holistic community model to provide access to safe and affordable housing, reducing reliance on a rental market that can consume up to 50% of homeowners income.

Bilingual Literacy Program

Honduras’ youth struggle to enter the workforce at excessively high rates, due much in part to a lack of access to quality education. ALF provides English literacy training across the island of Roatan, providing an essential skill in gaining access to today’s global economy.

Four students for Abundant Life Foundation's scholarshoip program

Scholarship Program

High School graduation rates in Honduras are below 30%. College attendance is even lower. Our scholarship program provides tuition for private high schools and universities, where young people are given a chance to develop their innate potential.

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